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Mary Costa


Mary has been in the tax industry for 37 years and counting.  She got her start in the Co-op program, at the University of Dayton, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science, as an accounting major.   She loves her work and enjoys learning about her clients and their businesses, and other business ventures.  Mary had worked with a variety of accounting and tax firms, always as a tax specialist. She enjoys continuing to learn and grow her knowledge base of the tax code.


Mary raised four children in the Cincinnati area, where she was a resident for almost 30 years. The tax industry was a good fit, that allowed for flexibility while the kids were growing up and very involved in various athletics.


More recently, Mary has relocated east of Cincinnati, enjoying lake views from her home office, with her dogs, Lily and Murphy. She is enjoying her promotion to Grandma and spends time reading, with groups in her church and community, and visiting her children and their families!

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740 305 0007

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